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Prepare your home for a photo & video shoot


Throughout the home

  • Thoroughly clean

    • Vacuum all areas​

    • Wipe down all surfaces

    • Remove stains and marks on walls

    • Clean windows on the inside and outside

  • Declutter

    • Remove personal items and pictures​

  • Repair blinds/awnings/shutters

    • We like to include as much external light as possible,​ so curtains and blinds will ideally be open

  • Replace any blown globes

    • All lights will be turned on for the shoot, including range hoods, lamps, ceiling lights and pendants.

  • Finishing touches

    • Turn off all ceiling fans, tv's and computer screens​

140 Paul Coe Cr Ngunnawal Lifestyle_HR_0012_2048px.jpg


  • Declutter

    • Remove appliances and utensils

    • Remove magnets and pictures from the fridge

    • Remove all soaps, cleaning materials and tea towels

    • Remove rubbish bins

  • Finishing touches

    • Add a small vase with flowers, a fruit bowl or something similar. These smaller items help show the scale of a kitchen bench​

Copy of Weatherstone_Street_HR.jpg

Living areas

  • Declutter

    • Remove any personal items and pictures

    • Remove remote controls

    • Remove coasters

    • Put away any shoes and clothing items

    • Remove entry mats and runners

    • Remove all pet toys, beds, litter boxes and food/water bowls

  • Finishing touches

    • Fluff the pillows

    • Straighten picture frames

    • Where possible, hide cables behind furniture

    • Turn off TV's and computers



  • Positioning

    • If possible, the bed always looks best directly opposite the access door. This way we can shoot towards the bed and any windows in the room.​

  • Declutter

    • Remove any personal items and pictures

    • Remove all items from bedside tables, except lamps and decorative items

    • Put away all clothing, including on the back of doors

  • Finishing touches

    • Make the bed, add some cushions and a throw blanket

    • Add some greenery, either on bedside tables or in a corner of the room

Copy of Weatherstone_Street_HR.jpg


  • Declutter

    • Remove bins​

    • Remove toilet paper rolls

    • Remove toothbrushes, soaps, lotions, perfumes

    • Remove bath/sink/shower plugs

    • Remove towels and hand towels

    • Essentially, bathrooms should be as empty as possible, leaving only decorative items that add a bit of colour to the space.

  • Finishing Touches

    • Wipe down the mirror, sink, bath tub and shower. They should be completely dry for the shoot. ​



  • Cleaning

    • Sweep all required areas

    • Remove cobwebs etc. from roofed areas

    • Remove weeds

    • Mow lawns, trim all edges

    • Clean pools and fish ponds

  • Declutter

    • Remove hoses and garden tools​

    • Remove kids toys, pet toys, bowls and footwear

  • Finishing Touches

    • Clear all vehicles from the road and driveway (politely ask your neighbours to move their vehicles as well if they might impact your front shot!)​

    • Remove barbeque covers

    • Remove pool covers and cleaners

    • Remove fire pit lids (we might add a fire in the edit)

    • Open up outdoor umbrellas

See you soon!

We're excited to come and capture your home. If you have any questions at all, please contact your agent, or us directly.


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