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How to book a Real Estate shoot with Batch 


Online Booking System

Book a shoot from anywhere! We know it can be difficult juggling vendors, inspectors and agents, so we set up a system that allows you to book the services you need, from anywhere. The system automatically calculates the time it will take us to travel to the address provided, and how long it will take us to capture. 

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Great Service

Selling a home or getting it ready for rent can be stressful for property owners. We take the time to put their mind at ease and explain the process, keeping them involved throughout the shoot. 

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Quick Turnaround

The real estate market moves quickly! For all photo shoots that don't require extensive item removal, we guarantee delivery by close of business the day after the shoot. Videos are delivered by close of business two days after the shoot.  


High Quality

Our photos are edited right here in Canberra, by our team. We take the time to ensure your photos look the best they can, we even replace skies with our very own Canberra sky stock!


Let's Talk

Thanks! We'll be in touch soon.

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